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Waypoints/pathing completely wrong.
Since Waypoints seem broken - Or the mod makes it a priority to have builders and deliver man wander along EVERY waypoint in town before ignoring the obvious route and getting stuck on the way to their destination.

How do I get rid of waypoints?
Is there some command that deletes (or disables) them all? Or what do I do about this super frustrating pathing issue?

I followed my builder around for several days to a buildsite literally some 50-70 blocks away from his hut.
We went all over town on a walk that took 5 ingame hours. By the time he finally got to the buildsite, places one block and spends 5 hours walking back. Then go home because of darkness. And it starts all over again.

If you want I can draw a map with the route, if that helps anything.

Deliverymen like to swim, while there are perfectly fine paths to walk on.
Fetching them with a golden lasso doesn't help. They get right back to the water and get stuck on the edge. Staring to a spot in the water for many ingame hours before either diving in, or repathing and get stuck on a tree or something.

Workers, deliverymen and builders, soldiers, everyone gets stuck on every bump or thing. 
You know, I have this little cocoa farm, yesterday I punched 20 some colonists away from the cocoa pods. As they were all stuck on it. And no, the farm is not on some path or often walked direction. There is no reason any NPC is there at all.

Earlier this evening a builder died because he build a wall over himself while building a deliver man hut and suffocated.

So, my last thing to try is to get rid of all waypoints and see if that helps.

Otherwise I guess I'll go play something else. This is unplayable Sad
A few more thoughts on pathing - Things I noticed after posting the above.

I use a chunkloader to keep the whole town in memory/active (ChickenChunks).

When I am in the center of town, sorting the warehouse or whatever. Or just tinkering away in my own house with stuff.
The town moves at a much more progressive rate. When I'm at the edge of town, say opposite of where building is supposed to happen - Things at the build sites stop/slow down (or whatever) but things kinda just go wrong and take forever.

I've updated Forge to the latest version along with Tinkers Construct.
Since then the town seems more smart. Makes no sense, but that's how it feels.
Does Forge do some magic to AI? Or is AI all internal in Minecolonies?

Yesterday I started some rebuilding of houses and stuff and as such I was running around the center of town for a hour or two. Things actually got build, finished and I progressed the town a fair bit. But the Lumberjack and miners on the edge of town wandered around aimlessly looking for trees/mineshafts or asking for items without a request.
Not sure what the farmers are up to at the edge of town, but I noticed the miners and lumberjack being useless tools, like the builder s are when I'm not near them....

So then the big question -
Is the AI/pathing reliant on my presence? Is a Chunkloader nog enough to keep things going?

(20.04.2019, 07:59)adegans Wrote: How do I get rid of waypoints?
Is there some command that deletes (or disables) them all? Or what do I do about this super frustrating pathing issue?

User builders wand: Select "Infrastructure" (middle column) and then Waypoint (right column)
DO NOT PLACE IT, just let it sit there. Hit escape, now you should be able to 'see' all your waypoints in your colony.

Now place a solid block on every waypoint. IT says it should take 30 - 60 seconds, but it took me forever to remove mine, as sometimes even after 5 minutes if I removed the block it was still there. Just keep trying, eventually the waypoint will delete.

I haven't had a waypoint in my village in several RL days, (and have played for serveral RL hours per day, and the colonists path a LOT better without the waypoints than they do with them. Sure they go in a straight light, don't follow your neat paths, but they get from point A to point B a LOT quicker with less problems.

And yes, I also have lost a few builders because they built a wall on top of themselves, or were digging in gravel/sand and it fell on them and suffocated them.

Quote from MineColonies Wiki:
MineColonies Waypoints "To remove waypoints, simply place any block in the place they are, for 30 - 60 seconds. When you remove those blocks, the waypoint will be removed."
Recently I've been playing a bit more.
I removed all 100+ MC waypoints from my town. Which improved productivity a lot.
I've added a 2nd warehouse with 5 more delivery dudes. Which, while a logistics nightmare, helped productivity.

I also found something else, in the settings. A value for nodes - Default to 5000. Mine was set to 500.
Not sure if I did that (by accident) or otherwise. But I upped it to 5000 and routes seem more logical now.
I'm not sure what the number means though. 500 nodes (waypoints/points?) to find a route seems plenty for any distance in my town. Which is about 300 blocks across in either direction. Especially with the spaced out waypoints...

Anyway, upping it to 5000 helped a bunch.

Still not happy with how waypoints are being weird though Sad

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