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2nd warehouse, how does it work? Does it work?
Hi all,

Recently I made some suggestions and raycom suggested I make a 2nd warehouse to get more delivery dudes running around.

I now built that 2nd warehouse, currently upgrading it to lvl5, I think it's lvl3 now.
I also made 5 more delivery huts dotted around town.

All 10 delivery people are running around like before. But nothing gets done in the 2nd warehouse.

I rehired all delivery men, so that the game could re-assign them or something.

I punched them all to 'reset' their logic.

But no items go into the new warehouse.

In itself that's fine, if everyone dumps their stuff in my primary warehouse. But I can't tell if the 5 new delivery men are working at all.

5 deliverymen per warehouse, so the dmen assigned to the second warehouse will only deliver things from that second warehouse.
I get that, but they don't go round and gather things so there is nothing in the warehouse.
All new delivery men just stand around with IDLE complaining about food.

I now throw in the excess items from the primary warehouse and they start delivering things...

Warehouse managers, or a way to assign delivery men to tasks would be a huge upgrade for having multiple warehouses.

This'll work in multiple scenarios. If a warehouse can be dedicated to building items. All food items are stored in a different warehouse. Etc.
Or, if warehouse managers are a thing, add a option to split items per stack (if there are 2 or more stacks) between warehouses.

Additionally, if I can assign deliverymen TO The warehouse I then know which one works where.

I still think an upgrade item/block (similar to the emerald block) to add more delivery men to the first warehouse would be useful too.

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