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It's me! OrionOnline
Big Grin 
Hello everyone,

Most of you might be asking themselfs who I am. My name is Orion, and I am one of the 'hidden' developers of the Minecolonies. I mostly work on the BackEnd, the Buildsystem and in the future hopefully help with setting up testing Servers.

I am originally from the Netherlands, lived my entire life in Belgium and since a couple of months (as of 2017) in Germany. I rolled into developing Minecolonies, when I wanted to build a System that interacted with my own mod Armory. When realising that this was not possible, I started to work on Minecolonies and got the task to develop something, that as of writing this article, is nearly finished: The RequestSystem.

I am open to answer questions that people might have below this post.

Nice to meet you,


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