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Organa keto
The food products During the Egg Diet you don't just have to eat eggs. There are a few more nutritional products that are nutritious and healthy for you. In addition to the selected food products, it is not permitted to consume other food. Deviating from this list can have negative consequences for your weight. These are the products that you can have during the Egg Diet:  Being overweight can seriously damage your health. This statement is particularly valid for the most problematic category of obesity, namely obesity (a body mass index (BMI) higher than 30). The most well-known disadvantages are of course the health risks such as heart failure, diabetes and colon cancer. In addition, being overweight often leads to social exclusion and is the origin of depression and other mental problems. The seriousness of the problems that the extra pounds can cause sometimes makes you forget that being overweight also brings a number of benefits. This article lists some of the positive aspects of being overweight that are often overlooked.

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