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All these data allow us to reach
Organa Keto All these data allow us to reach the conclusion that we can currently recommend the consumption of virgin coconut oil in our diet, based on its nutritional benefits. Of course, it should be noted that the complexity of obesity is not reduced only to weight loss: there are other very important factors related to lifestyle. Modification of eating habits and increased physical activity is absolutely necessary. However, coconut oil will be a great ally in the fight against obesity and overweight. Every year we propose to meet some goals when Christmas approaches: how to avoid the temptation to try polvorones and turrones, eat less than the previous year, make a light but original menu in family meals, be able to walk or do some exercise ... And without forgetting the diet after the Christmas holidays! But all this is not fulfilled and we end up with a few extra kilos, which then the effort in losing weight will be much greater than controlling us during these dates, so it will not be easier to avoid copious meals and eat a balanced diet ?

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