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Reorganization Ideas
This is a work in progress...

Contractor: Architect (builder)
    * it's actually the architect that designs, foreman that deligates and oversees, and laborers that build
    - builds buildings

Forge: Blacksmith
    - shapes items from metal ingots
    - recipes: 50%+ metal ingots
- Foundry: Smelter *this isn't actually a profession, as the blacksmith did both
    - furnaces metal ore into ingots
    - recipes: 50%+ metal blocks

Quarry: Quarryman
    - mines stone from surface (open pit)
    - cobble->gravel, gravel->sand, dirt->clay, dirt+gravel->coarsedirt
- Brickyard: Brickmaker (stone smelter)
    - furnaces earth materials
- Stoneworks: Stonemason
    - shapes earth materials
    - recipes: 50%+ dirt/stone/clay

Mine: Prospector
    - builds vertical shaft and hunts all levels for precious materials
    - follows natural veins through gravel, dirt, clay
- Tunnel xN: Miner (one per shaft level)
    - digs flat tunnels, excavating everything in an orderly manner
*AI update: turnes lava source into obsidian
*AI update: silk-touches monster spawners and other odd blocks
*AI update: loots chest content before breaking

Sawmill: Lumberjack/Lumberjill
    - cut down trees, plant saplings, collect tree-based items
- ?: Carpenter
    - shapes wood
    - recipes: 50%+ planks/sticks

Warehouse: Clerk
    - organizes warehouse inventory
- Depot x5: Courier
    - picks up and delivers items to/from warehouse

- Dump: Collector (sifter)
- Heap: Agronomist (composter)

Workshop: Craftsman
    - sand->glass, glass->panes, polish blocks
    - recipes: 50%+ gems/glass
- Studio: Artisan
    - stain glass, stain terracotta, dye wool, create paintings, create dyes

Dock: Angler
    - catches fish (if ocean, snags ocean things like coral)

Plantation (includes 3 to 15 home)
- Field x5: Farmer
- Greenhouse x5: Gardener
    - melons, pumpkins, sugar cane, cactus
- Orchard x5: Pomologist
    - fruit-bearing trees; apple, cocoa

Ranch (includes 1 to 5 home)
- Pig Sty: Swineherd
- Chicken Coop: Poultryman
- Cow Barn: Cattleman
- Horse Stable: Hostler
- Sheep Pen: Shepherd

Tavern: Innkeeper (includes home 1-6)
- Restaurant: Cook
- Bakery: Baker

Barracks: Commander
    - hybrid archer/swordsman with radius buff to archers/swordsmen; towers can be set to guard him (group patrol)
- Barracks Tower x4: Archer/Swordsman (includes home)

Guard Tower: Ranger x5 (includes home)
    - explore outside colony border; primary bow, secondary sword
    - requires full set of leather or chainmail armor depending on level

Keep: Knight x5 (includes home)
    - explore outside colony border; primary sword, secondary bow
    - requires full set of iron or diamond armor depending on level
    - mounted

- Magus Tower: Enchanter
- Apothecary: Alchemist *apothecary doesn't fit here, but couldn't think of something better
- Obelisk: Bombadier
    - uses offensive potions in combat

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