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Many Ideas for this Great Mod
I love this mod and have played it for countless hours. In that time I've come up with a few ideas that I think would be great additions!

Builder tab with the new building requirements 
  • Show warehouse stock amounts. So for example, if 50 torches are required it says 50 (64 in warehouse) or something like that. This will allow us to know what to craft more of versus not.
  • Have a "Make note of these requirements" or just simply "Notate" button. Clicking puts an in-game paper into your inventory with all the requirements. No more running back to the builder hut to double (or quintuple) check the list. Simply throwing the list destroys it to prevent clutter.

  • Include tab for specialization! So one idea is to have 2 specializations, "Construction" and "Non-Construction". Specializing in construction will cause the delivery person to only deliver for new buildings, upgrades, and repairs. Non-construction would deliver everything else. There could even be more specializations like "Food stocks" for farms, cowboys, swine, etc...or "Raw goods" for ore, wood, etc
New Building: Trading Post
  • Lets the player insert stacks of items that will be sent to another colony and inserted into its builders hut or townhall. The time to transit can be based on the number of blocks away, or be instant. So if your friend is just starting a colony and your level 5 colony has a surplus of Oak Wood, you can send him multiple stacks. Same for single player, want to build a 2nd in the desert made out of wood? Now you can, just have your first colony send the surplus.
New Building: Tavern
  • Why is this not already in the game lol :Smile? The Tavern should temporarily boost happiness and worker speed (short duration buff) as well as attract traveling merchants or shady merchants who will sell you various items for a price....buyer beware.
New Building: Distillery 
  • The tavern needs booze right?
New Building: The Guild of Adventurers (end game only level 5 Townhall)
  • Are you bummed that your town is fully upgraded and all done? Be sad no more, the Adventurers Guild allows new citizens to be turned into various adventurers. Send them on quests and they'll come in X days with wondrous items....or they will die...maybe. Equip your adventures with the best gear to improve odds of success.  Could also include party creation so you can have a Cleric, Fighter, Wizard, and Thief. Build a party, equip them and click send on you have 1 really great adventurer, high level and decked out in the best gear? Have him follow you as a companion.
Those are some great ideas.  Totally love the Adventurers' Hall.
Thanks! I envision it starting out really super simple but growing with future updates. To start, in terms of coding the base mechanism, is easy, it's a simple RND value comparing SumOfGear vs Difficulty * worker (adventurer) level.  -

- Citizens are assigned to the "Adventurers Hall" as workers (Max nbr dependent on building level).
- The player interacts with the "Adventures Hall" placement block
- Player tabs to page two and gets a list of adventures and a difficulty rating, easy, moderate, and hard
- The adventures are generated from a random list, for example "Save the Village", "Rescue the daughter", "Find the lost idol" and others
- On each adventure listed is a "Manage workers' button or something appropriate. The player interacts with it the same as other buildings, they pick an adventurer and then click "Commit" or "start adventure' - only 1 adventure at a time (but leveling  up the Adventurers Hall can allow for more)
- Behind the scenes, the algorithm knows immediately if it was a success or failure based on the adventurers gear (or level) versus difficulty BUT... the player must wait X days depending on the difficulty and distance (for gameplay reasons)
- The chosen adventurer will just disappear (He's off on his adventure!) - no need to program him pathing away
- After X days the player can return, click the same block and see if it was a success or failure. If it succeeded, the reward is deposited in the players inventory (or the building inventory in the case of overload) and the adventurer is still alive, they maybe level up a little and are available again. If it failed....the poor adventurer perished....Sad face.

That's it to start. Future updates can include creating a party of adventurers, a class system (cleric, fighter, thief, wizard), and more.

I think also this should be an end game building, after your Town Hall is level 5 and the rewards should reflect this. It is something to keep doing with the mod and having fun even after your colony is all done. Your town is done, now you can level up your adventurers hall and adventurers themselves, equip them and find cool stuff.

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