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Hooking up Refined Storage
Yesterday I added Refined Storage to my game.

it's fun. I hooked up 1 warehouse to the RS network with external storage thingies.
It kinda works...

Now I'm trying to figure out a way to sort items. I'm hoping to make it so that the warehouse chests get all the common items used in the colony and all odds, ends and excessive stuff goes into a Storage Disk in my basement.

I put blacklists and priorities in place on all warehouse racks. But if I or a delivery man puts something in any rack it stays there. And is largely ignored by RS for sorting because it's not put in via a Grid.

So then, how would I solve this? Any ideas?

For example, can I put a RS thing on the warehouse block inventory? Do the delivery men use that? Then I can pull items from there and sort them myself. Or does that conflict with the (basic) warehouse sorting logic MC offers?

Is there some mod/plugin that connects the 2 mods?

Our mod does not support any of the large storage mods. The delivery men cannot use the Refined Storage system.
Feel free to PM me any issues you may have, but try to keep it on the forum disco villager
Thanks for all your support! And join our discord!
I realise that, but a combination of mods may still work.

Do delivery men dump their stuff in the Warehouse inventory block? If so, I could try to stick an import thing on it to put everything in the Refined storage system, which then in turn deposits stuff in the various warehouse racks.
I'm also keen on making a sorting system with another mod - I have RFTools and EnderIO as well installed. But so far haven't come up with a useful filtering thing to get the excess items and sorting right... Since the things deliverymen drop off end up in the wrong chests most of the time. But maybe I'm missing something.

If there is a mod to take out all items except for the ones I want to be in the rack, and redistribute them to the warehouse chests based on the Refined storage filters. That may work just fine... Then no compatibility from MC is needed (thought it would help Smile ).

Or to lighten the load on RS - A internal distribution thing for each warehouse. That filters items on chests - Take out what doesn't belong, put in what does. And throw the rest in a 'generic' chest for RS to import. But also where the internal distribution thingy gets items from RS from (or something along those lines).

With the tons of mods available I kinda assume something like that will exist.

So really my question(s) are not if MC works with RS. I know it doesn't. But if there is some combination of mods that gets me the desired result. Maybe someone is doing something similar already.

Any ideas are welcome.
I think I figured it out.

I have one of my warehouses fully hooked up. I think this works best with a "Wooden Warehouse".
I built an extraction loop with Extra Utilities 2 pipes and filters to get the "wrong" items from the racks.
All this excess goes into a "dumping" chest. From the chest I then import all items into Refined storage.

All racks are connected to Refined Storage using "External Storages" and filter only certain items to certain racks.
This by default means that anything for which there is no external storage filter/input it stays in the Refined storage drives.
Which if you set up filters properly means that only items relevant to MineColonies is put in the warehouse.

I could use Importers on every rack, but that would increase the power use for Refined Storage too much, so I opted with a low powered Extra Utilities setup - Also because it's filters are larger/more flexible and stupid cheap to make.

EnderIO can be used also, but using ender pearls for cabling seemed like a waste to me. Extra Utilities cables and filters are cheap and with some upgrades in the right places works just as well.

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