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Uncap deliverymen quantity

My colony begins to be quite tall, and my deliverymen can't assume all those workers to visit. They correctly take the production from workers, but don't deliver to them what they need. I have 4 deliverymen, with warehouse and four deliverymen's hut level 4. Is there any way to customize or remove the deliverymen cap ? (I guess this would be a good ratio warehouse level/number of deliverymen : lvl1/1 ; lvl2/2 ; lvl3/4 ; lvl4/8 and lvl 5/16)
I know i can change in the config file to build many warehouse, but that is not what i want (if there isn't other way to do that, i guess i will do that).
Thank you for your help.
Currently, no. 5 Delivery guys per warehouse and no options to change it.
Keep in mind that 1 warehouse for larger colonies is probably not big enough. I have 2 and barely can store all the produce and items...

I'm working on a system with Refined storage to manage things Wink
Thanks for your answer, i just started a new game (cause i have broken the RS in my previous one manipulating config files...). So i guess i should let enough space around my townhall to put a second and maybe a third warehouse. Does import the placement for deliverymen hut or i can put them anywhere far from warehouses ?
I ended up making a filtering/sorting system with a combination of RS and Extra Utilities pipes/filters where all/most items the builders use go in the warehouse.
All racks are hooked up to Refined storage. Everything else goes in the RS disk drives... This seems to work fine.

Delivery guys can always fine their stuff and via the Grids from RS you can get your items yourself.
It's a ***** to set up, but once it works it's kinda awesome Smile

Your system sounds great. Can you share a screenshot or multiple ones? Wink

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