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Official Servers
Hey Guys, Asher here, I'd like to proclaim and explain Official MineColonies Servers! 

Currently there are two servers that we have (Hopefully, maybe more in the future?) these two servers would happen to be the
  1. MineColonies Official Test Server
  2. Skycolonies Server
Of these two servers the Test Server is hosted and managed by the MineColonies team, the purpose of this server (As the title suggests) is testing the latest and greatest (And sometimes buggy) minecolonies releases, specifically Alpha releases (Releases explained here: Release System). the Test Server is public to ALL players, you can get the pack at Curseforge, Please follow the bolded instructions, it explains to download the Curse / Twitch launcher and download the pack thorugh that.

What does it mean to be an Official Server?

Well, Firstly there are two main Official Server types, one type run* by us, Example the Test Server, and those run* by other people. The Official Servers run by other people have Certain perks such as; space on our Official Discord, Mentions on our forum in posts such as this, Direct support from the MineColonies team for bugs or other,  and other decided perks that i may have forgotten. Being an Official server also has it's.. responsibilities, the server Must be moderated in such a way that in complies with MineColonies Family Friendly nature, the MineColonies team (Select few) will have some sort of access to the server for Debugging purposes (And possible moderation issues if required), the must reference our Mod (Obviously) and our Patreon in some form or fashion.

* - When i say "run" i mean, administrated, and payed for.

Current Official Servers:

Server NameModpackForum Post
Minecolonies Official Test Server 1.10.2CurseN/A
Skycolonies OfficialCursePost
Under Construction:
Minecolonies Official Test Server 1.12CurseN/A
Feel free to PM me any issues you may have, but try to keep it on the forum disco villager
Thanks for all your support! And join our discord!

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