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User-friendly way to see the future appearance of a building
Hi  Smile

I'm quoting an other thread to make suggestions related to the misfortune met by this player :

(14.11.2017, 04:21)Bluepikmin64 Wrote: I was upgrading my town hall, and it destroyed part of the builders hut and the warehouse (i had them in a town center area) because apparently the tape for the town hall doesn't match the final size of it, and is instead for the first level. This was really annoying and upsetting because all the hard work I did on the town center was destroyed.

Asherslab Wrote:Sorry to hear that, the tape can sometimes (most of the time not) be off
Auriel_1 Wrote:The tape isn't off, but actually the size of the "box" saved for the wooden TownHall 1&2 isn't the same that for the wooden TownHall 3,4&5..

BTW it is not required at all, and allows to save building time when the first levels are smaller.
Raycoms Wrote:Yeah the townhall 1 has been scanned in the wrong manner, we will have to rescan it.

Here are the suggestions which I made on this thread to address this problem :

Auriel_1 Wrote:It might not be a bad idea to have a screen (a kind of "minimalist wiki" with link to the full wiki) that popup the first time we have a TownHall in the inventory.
It would explain that buildings would do better to be placed with the wand, that the first place where we put TownHall fixed the colony's actual area but we can still move it ... so basic advices.

Auriel_1 Wrote:A better way, I think, would be to have directly on all the hut chests a button which allows to show a ghost of the upper level(s) before upgrading, in this case we need to see the TownHall3 (not only 2) because it's different from the 1. 
It could be already bound to the current coordinate/orientation of this chest, and no need for displacement commands here, juste an ON/OFF button.

At present the only way is to make a 2nd hut chest of the same building, and to use the wand to show the needed ghost, but not validate it.
The problem is that according to configs, we cannot always build a 2nd TownHall or Warehouse... And this trick is not known by all the players.

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