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List of Various Suffegestions
Minecolonies Suggestions
-by Mijokh
Sorry if it looks too formal

 Firstly, these are just all my ideas for the mod spewed out onto a document that I’m too lazy to put onto GitHub individually. Also, at the time of making this, I am currently locked out of logging in to my GitHub because of too many failed logins.

Secondly, I don’t totally understand the limitations of the modders, the mod, Forge, or Minecraft. Nor am I totally aware of the direction that the modders want to take with this mod. Because of this, please forgive me if any of these ideas seem to outlandish.

Thirdly, I’m just spit balling ideas here, sorry if they’re repetitive or dumb.

Mod Changes
Different races, like dwarves or elves, for the colonies would be cool. I imagine the different races would have other abilities or jobs ingame and maybe different models. It would also be cool if they played differently. Like, dwarves instead of having individual houses for each worker, they instead just went to a guild house or something and the guild houses level could determine how many of that kind of worker the colony had. Or Elves could have other jobs like Priest or Cleric that gave all the workers a boost.

*Alternative Gameplay
It would be cool instead of having individual houses for each worker, they instead just went to a guild house or something and the guild houses level could determine how many of that kind of worker the colony had. However, this might be a bit OP but again just an idea. It would also be nice if a colony could decide at the beginning if they wanted to play like the current way or the one that I suggested.

*Multiple or spread out colonies.
I know, I know, “Currently multiple Colonies per play is impossible due to limitations of the Colony Manager”, but what if instead multiple colonies, you could spread your colony out in small outposts/sub colonies? I think having outposts and sub colonies would be a really cool idea because that’s what colonizing is all about, conquering more territory for the Motherland.

*Armies and Conquering other towns
To spread out colony, there should be some limitation. A colony needs colonists to be made but the colonist needs to be protected from bandits and other things when they’re colonizing. A colony militia would be awesome not only for this but for PvP as well. I love the idea of two colonies fighting in a battlefield. Speaking of PvP, I would love to be able to conquer another player’s town.

If all that’s not possible, I heard that there was a suggestion of  outposts of sorts and that also seems like an interesting idea. Outposts could have some sort of military or economic influence on the neighboring towns.

I love the idea of PvP between colonies, and I’m never going to drop it :P
It would be cool if you could wager wars against other players or barbarians for territory or resources. I think the idea of ransacking and looting a city would be just a gay ol time. Organizing armies and soldiers would also be amazing. I really want a place to put my banners tbh.

Self explanatory but It would be nice if banners could be automatically placed, so that people know what they’re dealing with.

*Trading and Diplomacy
I would love to be able to share resources with another colony and be able to work on joint works. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

The barbarians seem like a really cool idea. It would be nice if there were different Barbarian classes like archers or axe men or shamans. Some unique loot from the barbarians would also be nice, like weapons and armors, or decorative things. Another idea could be taking in the barbarians and having them work for your colony.
*Testificates (aka vanilla villagers)

-because the mod adds its own sort of villagers to the game, I feel that the Testificates( that’s what I’m calling them from now on) are sort of left out. It would be nice if some love was given to them in the form of recruitment or having them be colonies of their own, which could be interacted with.

*Various Job ideas
- hunters - goes out and kills mobs and animals and brings back whatever he kills.
- trader - goes to other colonies and trades with locals.
-assassin - goes to a specified player and attempts to kill them
-priest/apothecary - gives various blessings or healings that heal colonists or player
The barbarians clause you put in is basically there already. There are Axemen, Archers, and Chief, each using different weapons / armor / etc, there are some special loot items for them (Ancient tomes, and the Chief Sword). the working part not currently =D
Feel free to PM me any issues you may have, but try to keep it on the forum disco villager
Thanks for all your support! And join our discord!
Interesting suggestions, although I'm not sure personally about the races, just doesn't feel like something that would fit MineColonies Tongue
BTW that's a good point, in case we want to play in a colony versus colony way, it would be good to have the choice between several ethnic groups; Indians, Mayans, europeans, orientals, middle eastern... to feat with colony building style.

It is not necessary to have alternatives gameplay, at first, but at least to be able to choose the colonists appearance when we put our TownHall to establish a colony.

We could then personalize our colons, either by a simple resource pack, or by integration as for buildings.
In this way, every player (or server team) would be free to adapt his world to his tastes (in a more fantasy way)

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