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I am D3miurge, pleasure to meet you.
Hello, my name is Rafael, but here I am known as D3miurge.
My role as member of Minecolonies team is to create various forms of artistic content ranging from textures to models. I also contribute to the embellishment of the official server (alongside with other team members), doing structures usually found on spawn. Additionally I have helped Poro making visual elements for our website (to match the mod theme).

I have helped many mods here and there for while (the most notable contribution before Minecolonies was the mod Ars Magica 2).

If you have any suggestion regarding art (texture, models, etc.), please, let me know!

I have been working as web design and artist for games for many years. However, I only have felt happy about my work when I decided to do it not as a profession, but as a passion in my free time. This major change in my life allowed me to contribute to projects like Minecolonies.

Currently I am 37 year old, and I live in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) with my wife (and my six cats!). I also love to cook, do gardening, computer case mod, weird life-hacks gadgets and martial arts.

If you need an artist (or want to hire one), you can contact me by the e-mail

Best Regards!


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