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Decoration Schematics and Invasions
Hi team,

First off, you guys are amazing! I've been watching the progress on this mod reboot for years. I'm SO amazed and happy on where you are at and I love the ideas you have for the future.

Here are some thoughts I've had in playing through this recently

1.) Invasions.
(Changes): I would love to see more variation in the loot drop from Barbarian hordes. Currently, it seems they just drop boatloads of swords/bows which ends up being more of an inconvenience than anything. I'd say reduce the loot drop rate and maybe drop more enchanted items or rare/hard to get items (diamonds, glowstone, etc). My other frustration with the system is that the notice that "barbarians are coming tonight" happens pretty much right as they spawn which means I have very little time to find where they spawned before they start murdering my villagers. It would be nice to have some notice so we can prepare or get to the spawn locations and effectively defend our villagers. 
(Additions/Improvements): It would be cool if Barbarian camps spawned nearby your town that were the cause of the barbarian attacks at night. That could allow us to go in, when we were prepared (even bring our guards along as support) and raid the barbarian camp (for some sweet loots). Once the camp was cleared out, it would spare us from getting attacked for a few nights. As our town got larger, the barbarian camps could get larger and harder to clear out. 

2.) Decoration/Filler schematics
We definitely have some great designs in this category already. I love the walls and bridges, not to mention the library and market place. I would love to see some additional filler type building schematics to help flush out our towns a bit more. Obviously this is Minecraft so we aren't limited to just building these ourselves, but it's really fun to utilize the coordinated schematics for the different material types (mesa, sandstone, wood, stone, etc). Some ideas for additional decoration/filler buildings are:
    Larger Schematics    
        Mill (with waterwheel)
        Temple/Shrine (with nether portal)
        Bath House
        Music Store/Concert hall (with jukeboxes/note blocks)
        Stables (to keep horses)
        Alchemist (maybe a new worker?)
    Smaller Schematics
        Market Stall
        Storage Pile (stone blocks, or wood logs, chests, etc)
        Wagon/Ale Cart
        Clock tower

Please keep up the great work you guys!! This mod is fantastic!
In regards to more decorations and such, everyone is free to build some things they would like and submit them for everyone to use here, and it may even get added to the mod Big Grin
(06.12.2017, 01:20)PoroUsedSnax Wrote: In regards to more decorations and such, everyone is free to build some things they would like and submit them for everyone to use here, and it may even get added to the mod Big Grin

Nice ok! I will make some and submit!
In regards to the invasions stuff. There is a way to get a "forewarning" with the ancient tome, when there will be a raid that night it will glow as if enchanted. the second invasion suggestion is a hope for the future, but is a very much in-the-future idea as of current.
Feel free to PM me any issues you may have, but try to keep it on the forum disco villager
Thanks for all your support! And join our discord!
You could have a chance of turning Raiding Camps into friendlies by having a Trader visit them. The bigger the camp, the higher level Trader you'd need to keep them at bay. And that costs real resources, at the higher levels, the barbs want diamonds and emeralds.
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here is the pirateship schematic and one link to same file!RRcSSa7T!RnX3Oi7DJevaJcURMu7FC1Q-bMs22FVrvKcbp2ASQJU
good post!

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