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Official SkyColonies
We are Happy to register the SkyColonies Server on this fancy new Forum! Big Grin

Wissi and I remade the whole Modpack with a nice new server but we are still searching for players to play on it!

You're interessed in the Modpack and want to join? Its crazy simple!

No really... Just search in the Twitch/Curse launcher "Skycolonies", install it, open it, go into Multiplayer, and there our server is!


The Server should be listed there and you're free to play Smile

Note: The Domain is outdated, heres the new IP:

Special Thanks:

- Wissi for kinda everythink Big Grin
- Zeldon for providing the Server!
- and of course to all the Patreons to make that projekt possible!

We are waiting for you!

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