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Role play Idea
So, I just had an idea to make this mod a little bit more RP. 
I think you should had a system of "day off" for the workers. You could decide that every x days, your worker don't work and instead walk in the town, go to his hut, maybe see other citizens, visit the parc or the library. 
That way, the town would be a little more "alive". 
If a worker works everyday without any day off, his happiness and his efficiency would go down so that the player is forced to put day off to his workers if he wants a great hapiness in the town. 

Maybe you already thought about that before or maybe this is a terrible idea. But I could'nt not share this ;)
(Sorry for my terrible english)

Your idea is a great one and has already been planned as a part of a more elaborate system that will include a tavern and Inn as well as other activities. More dedicated devs are needed to help bring out all the planned features a bit faster, but it is a planned feature.

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