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TiCo Smeltery interaction for colonists?
What I want to do is make a new building type that builds a Tinkers' Construct smeltery, and in which I can hire someone to work it. Is it possible to create a schematic with defined colonist interactions?

It shouldn't be complicated, in theory. The colonist will request smeltable ores and buckets of lava. The colonist places ores in a hopper that the schematic builds attached to the smeltery controller, and R-clicks buckets of lava onto the smeltery tank if it runs out. The colonist R-clicks smeltery drains (it's up to you to decide if they feed a basin or table, and what mold is on the table). The schematic places a hopper under the casting table or basin, which feeds into a collecting chest. The colonist collects the ingots from the collecting chest and places them in the building's chest for the deliveryman to pick up.

The only complicated part I can think of is if you want to use the smeltery for yourself (and that's half the reason to make the building), how do you stop the colonist from interacting with it until you're done? Maybe he won't interact with the smeltery at all unless he has a specific tool like a frying pan or mattock - just "borrow" his mattock to get some privacy. Building the schematic seems like it would be very easy, but getting someone to interact with the smeltery is something I don't know how to do.
Not hart to do, our code is open source, just check it out and try it out =)

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