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Forum Rules
Hello everyone,

To guarantee a nice climate in this forum certain rules have to be followed.

Please keep in mind that every Moderator, Admin, and Developer in our Team works here 100% in their free time with none to very limited compensation.
That's also why we neither are able to guarantee that this Mod comes without any bugs nor that we always make the right decisions.

Therefore, please consider the following rules:

- No swearing, name calling or any explicit language.
- No need for caps or an extreme use of exclamation points.
- Racism, sexism or intolerance in any form won't be tolerated. (Click me)
- Photos or videos with sexual/violent content (In posts or textures) will be deleted immediately and result in a Ban.
- Use your head, no need to ask things which are explained on the Wiki.
- Use the search function, are you sure no one else complained about it For example here?

Other than that, have a great time in our forums and have fun playing Minecolonies.

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