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More Buildings and Workers
We need a few more buildings

A school (for the children, complete with teachers) Kids "learn" a skill of one of the parents, then become an apprentice with that parent and help them in the "shop"
A Rabbit Herder
A Horse Herder (to breed and break horses for guards and citizens)
A Llama Herder
A Librarian for the Library
Traders for the Market (and actually have unemployed citizens visit these places)
Hire workers for the Town Hall, or allow them to move out
A Stonemason to make stone blocks for the builders
A Carpenter to make wood blocks for the builders
An enchanter to enchant weapons and tools for the workers (maybe after the worker hits a certain level with matching building level)
A wizard to make potions
A Redstone builder to make Redstone items
A dye maker to make dies for wool, and glass
A textile maker to make carpets
A glass maker to make glass panes and blocks (with dyes)
A sand collector to supply the glass maker
A florist to collect flowers and other supplies for the dye maker
A potter to make terracotta
A furniture maker to make beds and banners
A railroad worker to build tracks and carts
A boat builder
A Smith to make saddles and horse armor (I know you can't make them now)
Churches and Priests
Medical Clinics to heal citizens and guards that are hurt.

Then you can have shops to "sell" those things in. 

I'd also like to see limits removed when playing single player, no limit on town size, or distance the guards travel, etc.
Mind if I bounce around your ideas a bit? I think complexity is great when manageable, but Minecraft is already a bit unfriendly to massed AI.

  • I believe the library covers the school already?
  • Herders are much yes, may as well have one for each animal.
  • Horse Herder (Hostler) may need a unique mechanic. Able to hold two horses at building level 1, then 1 more per level? GUI would then give the option of your breeding priorities, since horse breeding actually has mechanics instead of being 'make one more' like other mobs.
  • Dog Herder (Kennel) breeds dogs and will feed any that are hurt
  • What does the library currently call its employee?
  • We have a market? A trader NPC does seem like a good idea. I'd actually have it be an unworked building like the warehouse, and traders come for a day or two similar to barbarian raids. Level the building to have larger selection.
  • Most of those craftsmen aren't needed I think, since the recipes already fit into the 2x2 grid we can teach villagers.
  • I think I'd rather control what enchantments villagers are using, unless their AI is massively improved. Enchanter is a decent idea, but hard to implement.
  • Redstone engineer is interesting, perhaps a 3x3 that can only craft recipes that have redstone in them or their ingredients?
  • Potion maker sounds great. Not sure how to make villagers make use of them (health potions when hurt?) but I like the idea of keeping stocked with at least the basics. Tiered recipes, each building level allowing a larger list to be brewed?
  • Florist sounds good. Takes bonemeal and compost and spits out a reliable stream of flowers. Would want to have a hook to allow flowers from other mods to be spat out too.
  • I would have horse gear come with the traders, since it isn't craftable.
  • What would churches do for the town? I'm thinking mob spawn protection? Increase the area with each level? Would level 5 cover the whole town or would you need multiple for full coverage?
  • Clinics could be rolled into the wizard/potion maker/apothecary. No need to have two buildings where one will do.
Maybe I'm missing the direction of the mod and complexity is king. Either way, I hope more ideas spill from this.
I think that the blacksmith to craft tools, weapons and armor for workers and guards would be good.
I'll add my two cents to this.

First of all, anything regarding crafters is pretty much planned, we expect to have various crafters for 3x3 that should deal with nearly all possible vanilla recipes, and will cover a good amount of modded ones too possibly.

As Rob mentioned the current library is basically a school, workers can slowly level up their stats when hired there.

A new housing system (Which will work for the town hall too) will be worked on soonish, once our new BlockOut GUI library is implemented

More herders I believe are planned

A full market/trade/economy system is planned

Enchanter is planned, as well as a potion maker/brewer/alchemist or whatever name

The church is possible, there has been mention of adding a graveyard


Past all that, I will add that there are no set timelines on any of this, with us being a rather small voluntary team of devs and such

And in regards to limits, it's possible to change most limits either in configs or through commands, they are just set default by what our devs recommend/would use ourselves for servers or SSP

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