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population issues
My info readout on command says my population is 16/16 but I only have 5 living citizens.  How do I fix it so that I can have more workers?  I have five lvl 3 houses and only two have people in them.  I want to play more, but if I'm stuck like this, it's a major bummer!  I have so many jobs waiting for a person.  I've tried using the recruitment packages, but the one time it did work the person didn't show.  The system said there were new happy kids in town but they never actually appeared.  They are "not loaded" when you click their name in the list.  You cannot recall them using the town hall if they are listed but not loaded.  Town hall only has the five listed but one of those is not loaded either and can't be recalled.  What is happening??
if you click recallAll in your townhall, does that work?
nope. It doesn't recall anyone. Also I've noticed that the creeper antigrief thing isn't working anymore.

I can recall three individuals, by clicking them personally and their recalls, but two others no longer have map locations and cannot be recalled through their buttons BUT are still listed.

Maybe I can delete and start over? :/
Can you send me the world? So that I can look into it?

Before that, make sure you're actually on the latest minecolonies version.

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