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Mod's Compatibility Issues
So, i worked the last 3 days on a new set of Buildings for my Singleplayer Colony and noticed today by testing them 2 issues MineColonies has with 2 other mods i used.

1. BiblioCraft 
When ever the Citizen come across a chair of this mod, they sit down and won't stand up anymore. Wich of course creates trouble if the workers keep sitting all day long instead of doing their jobs.

2. ArchitectureCraft
I used it to have slabs wich i can use as wall, beautiful windows and nice banisters. It looks awesome. But somehow the schematics seems to have problems with them since they don't render these blocks in preview or rotate them correctly.

Using Minecolonies-Universal-1.12.2-0.8.7582 from Twitch Launcher on forge-

PS: For now i can turn the blocks myself with a tool. So it isn't this big of an issue. But the BiblioCraft chairs really need a fix since it such a nice block to decorate the buildings with.
Thanks for your time and sorry for my bad English. (I'm German)
Update to the latest alpha, this should fix the bibliocraft issue

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