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Multiples of Same Citizens

Within our Minecolonies town we have multiple's of the same citizen. One functions as it should and the others, with that citizens name and appearance, stands still in various locations around the town. Some have 1 multiple and others have 2-4 multiples. Quite odd. I am guessing there is a conflict issue with another mod. I was hoping someone else has experienced this and can say which mod was conflicting. Could it be Minecraft Comes Alive?

We are playing 1.12.2 and have tried recalling citizens to the town hall and/or to their work places or citizen huts with zero effect on the glitch.
I'm having this same issue! My builder is both building a structure and also standing around outside the builder's hut, unmoving. It's slightly unnerving.

I'm playing on a server running 1.12.2 with a whole bunch of other mods.

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