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List of recipes bugged?
Hi, I'm new here, so I'll introduce myself first, I'm Sarcarium and I've been playing minecraft vanilla for about 5 years. I got bored of playing it alone and in vanilla so I decided to create a server on my PC to play with some friends, install Forge and some mods, including minecolonies clearly ^^

I have tried to find a similar topic in the forum and I have not found it, if I have created a repeated theme, im sorry.

Well, everything works perfect, all mods are compatible with each other, but with minecolonies I have a slight problem, I explain:

Each building has a "list of recipes" that NPCs can learn, all right here, I show the recipe to an NPC and he uses it without problems BUT when I close the server and re-open it ALL recipes have been deleted from all the buildings. This is normal? or is it a bug?

Note: I am playing in minecraft 1.15.2, in all mods and server.

Edit: Well, I have already seen what the problem was or at least how to solve it, for some reason my server did not automatically save the games after installing minecolonies, I simply have to use the command / save-all and everything is resolved. Sorry for the inconveniences.

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