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Small Stone Wall
Hi Everyone,

For my taste the standard walls that come with the mod are either way too big or have that fairly flat aesthetic that I'm not really a big fan of. So I just make my own walls that I use in my SP. 
Since I like to have some archers patrolling the Walls to keep out the barbarian hordes that keep popping up in the woods around my settlement, I also made a guard tower that fits into the walls from lvl 1 to 5 
The walls and gates are designed that once it is night and the main Gate(s) close, only players can get in/out. That keeps the guards from running out at night attacking mobs, but if there are citizens outside the walls when it gets dark and they don't retreat before nightfall they are stuck outside. 

They are build in 1.15. I haven't tested them in any other version but feel free to try.

The Gate (Closes at night automatically but can be manually closed, has a ladder to get onto the fortifications and a (iron) postern door (not visible here) to outflank attacks on the gate)
[Image: 2020-03-26-17-34-17.png]

From left to right:
Outer Corner with Flag (there is also a version without flag and a inner corner variant)
Postern Gate (a piston door, in case you want to sneak into or out of the city without using the main gates)
Normal wall segment
Large Bastion (a large roofed bastion in case you need a break from the rain)
Wall segment with ladder (to get onto the fortifications)
Gate (only partly shown)
[Image: 2020-03-26-17-34-27.png]

This is what it all looks like from the city side
[Image: 2020-03-26-17-34-57.png]

From left to right:
Gate (the postern door is slightly visible here)
Small Bastion (a large roofed bastion in case you need a break from the rain and are afraid of large spaces)
Guard Tower lvl 5 (this is the 5 lvl guard tower but the other lvls fit into the wall as well, but are of course a little less developed)
Outer corner with Tower (outer corner variant with a tower)
[Image: 2020-03-26-17-43-11.png]

Night view
[Image: 2020-03-26-17-43-43.png]

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Thank you for the introduction, it was great to know more about this game, I was quite excited to read the introduction about it. minecraft classic
I know this post is old, but this schematic does not work on older versions Sad

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