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Lumberjack problems on 1.15.2
I have some strange and not inconsistent problems with my lumberjack.

1. In the beginning he was fine. I gave him areas to chop down with the tool and he worked as expected. Since most of the immediate area around my colony is now cleared out and I have a sh*tload of dark oak logs and too little of the other kinds, I build a small area for a tree farm. I planted some saplings of all kinds except jungle tree (haven't found any yet) and give him the area to work in and replant.
After a while I checked on him and found him standing in the lumberjack hut doing nothing. No red icon, he had an axe and everything. I played around with the restriction area and at some point he started working again, this time the area included some further away naturally generated trees. When I did some changes to the farming field I ran into the same problems again and he didn't do anything. Resizing the area to include naturally generated trees didn't work this time and I ended up doing several attempts at redefining the restricted area before he decided to go to work again. Very strange.

2. The lumberjack can get caught when a tree pops up beside him and leaves block his way in all directions. He does not cut them to get out or trigger a warning, he simply stands there until you find him and free him (or recall him).

3. At one point I accidentally chopped down a tree that my lumberjack was apparently working on or wanted to start working on. When it was gone I turned around and lumberjack was standing there with the red warning icon above his head. When I talked to him, he said, that his AI had run into problems. He never did anything after that. I tried several times to restart him in his hut's worker management screen. I always got the message that a restart was scheduled but never the one that it has succeded. This problem only got fixed when I restarted Minecraft altogether.

If I figure out more clues on the first issue I'll let you know. If you need anything else from me in order to figure these out, let me know. Thanks for a great game.
Ive seen this as well. Lumberjacks need to be able to cut leaves as well.
Hi, I've some issues with my lumberkjack too. Mine is working well, except the fact that he doesn't care about the restricted area I just set. I tried different orders (like first set the area then select "Restriction ON", or first select Restriction ON and then setting the area) but my lumberjack is still farming the jungle tree of my colony. So I can't farm jungle trees to developp my colony :'(

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