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Townhall information bugged line in 1.15.2
[Image: 2020-04-17-18-44-27.png]

As you can see one of the lines in my townhall's information page shows something weird. com.minecolonies.coremod.gui.... probably some sort of internal adress instead of the actual name. I'm guessing it means Guard or Knight, as the ones working in my guard towers (all knights) are the only ones not showing up in the list. Should be an easy fix though.
It's fixed in the current alpha 847, thanks :-)

Small request though (it only bugs my inner pedant, so no hurry). Some of the worker names on this page begin with a small letter now, others with a capital letter. Could you change them so they all begin with a capital letter? The same would be nice on the startpage, my colony name begins with a small letter as well (despite it being with a capital letter when I entered it).

Thanks for all your hard work and love for this great mod :-)

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