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Powerless to grow or defend a colony
I'm playing the latest official release(March) on Minecraft 1.15.2

Having lost  a whole stack of original colonists to Illager raids and mobs I reached the point where I had 4 colonists, a farm, a mine, a builder, and a lumber jack, 2 level 2 citien huts and 2 level 1 citizen huts.
No new colonist arrived.
Tried to build a barracks - completely not possible without researching at a university. Not even a craftable recipe for either the barracks tower nor the tower place holder.
Decided to build a fisherman, then grasp the nettle and start on a university.
Recruited a new worker manually.
At this point I start getting "barbarian raids" - all 4 OP archers and an OP chief ..
So I have enchanted Iron Armor with protection 2 and projectile protection 2 and a AT Dam 6 Spd 2.4 sword.
I've now died more times in 1 night (2 hours of play) than in 3 years of playing all bar the heaviest moded packs (like RLcraft and I've died less in that!).
I get one or 2 shot by the Archers and the chief does more damage and is better armoured than I am.
I've now lost 5 colonists to the raids which I can't do anything about nor do I actually have any chance to protect the colony nor defend it.
And any manual recruitment attempt just triggers another raid.
Some serious balance issues
Kinda strange. When I used to play on older versions raids were usually not able harm any of my colonists and I would usually kill all the raiders without any problem. For me, raids were definitely too easy.
I have to check how the raids look on newer version, it seems that a lot of things has changed.
I've had similar problems in my game at the beginning, but with pirate ships. Lucky for me the pirates always stayed at their ship, but all my colonists stayed in bed as long as they were there, effectifly paralyzing my colony. So I tried to attack the pirates and found myself seriously overpowered by them. I ended up dumping a bucket of Lava through a porthole of the ship, causing the thing to burn down - except for the spawners, which happily spawned more and more pirates into the water.

Here are some tips from my experiences that should help you:
1. %appdata%/.minecraft/config/minecolonies-common.toml is the configuration file for Minecolonies. There are several values in it that you can change that affect raids. I have lenghtened the time for them to happen and shortened the time the pirates stay. Should give you enough breathing room to actually build your town.
2. Go to your level 2 citizen huts and check who is living there. Make sure that AT LEAST in one of the two a man/female couple is living together. As long as you have enough living room for additional citizens, not hit the citizen cap of 25 (can be extended through research at the university) and have at least one house with a man and a woman living in it you will get kids, who will soon grow up and become useful citizens.
3. Build GUARD TOWERs for early defenders. The barracks tower requires the barracks which, as you have noticed, needs to be researched first. But you can build guardtowers from the start: Build tool in the top middle slot, a bow in the center and 7 wood planks around them for the hut block. Actually it will give you 2 hut blocks.
From what I have seen the only difference between guard and barracks towers is that guard towers always only have 1 guard, while each barracks tower has as many guards as the level is. So a fully upgraded barracks with 4 towers with 5 guards each will give you 20 soldiers.
Another nice thing to note: Once a citizen has taken a guard job, he will move into the tower, meaning one of your citizen huts will have a freed up space for a new citizen.
So not being able to progress the original colony I deleted it...

Could not place a new supply cart so I to spawn in a new town hall block to restart..

Doing better this time (sort of) but not because of any of the tips above .. see later

I a now getting children from my level 2 huts but the rate of attrition from raids is still far too high. Having Guard towers improves town morale but in all other respects they are just "set dressing" and completely useless. Any guard just gets 2 hit killed and when you have 10 raiders (escalates by 1 every raid) they may as well not be there.

The only reason I can do anything is the very last drop in the last raid before I rest, after punching the chief to death (and yes I died 15 times doing so but since he was in my house between my respawn point and the exit there was little else I could do) was a "Chiefs Sword". Now it appears unrepairable but it also seems unbreakable. However it has 2 effects on raiders
1) if they're not in water when struck is levitates them 16 blocks straight up .. the resulting fall usually kills them
2) about 5% of the time it turns the struck raider hostile to his comrades causing them to attack each other.

Without this it would be completely impossible to progress without either turning raids off completely or setting the duration to 50 days or something equally ridiculous (but then it'll probably ignore the change in setting anyway)
I've now come to the conclusion that Minecolonies in any default configuration is unplayable in 15.2.
If I thought standard barbarians were unbalanced then the Pirates are just completely unfeasible, so add another 40 deaths in half as many minutes, and that's after dropping a bucket of lava on top of the pirate ship.
If I'd had a Terra Blade and Terrasteel armour I might have lasted a few second longer but I think the only real chance of being able to actually be able to deal with them would be Supremium Armour and a Supremium blade.
My question now is does turning of "Barbarian Spawns" turn off the "Pirate Ships" as well and is there a way of just disabling the Pirate Ships on their own?
I've given the following advice to someone in my pirate ship discussion:

Quote:My solution to the whole thing was to shut them down in the configuration or at least tune them down as far as possible. The file to do is in is %appdata%/.minecraft/config/minecolonies-common.toml

The settings you need are further down in the [combat] section. The values I use cause pirates to show up VERY rarely and stay only 1 night:

#The minimum number of nights between raids. [Default: 1]
#Range: 1 ~ 30
minimumnumberofnightsbetweenraids = 30
#Days until the pirate ships despawn again. [Default: 3]
#Range: 1 ~ 10
daysuntilpirateshipsdespawn = 1
#The average amount of nights between raids. [Default: 3]
#Range: 1 ~ 10
averagenumberofnightsbetweenraids = 10

I can't even recall when my last pirate ship or raid happened. The only ones bugging my colonists are the usual Minecraft mobs, including Illager-Patrols. But I'm up to 22 guards (12 knights and 10 rangers) by now and they usually give them short shrift. The only deaths I have are usually from villagers straying too far off or those lone guards in the guard towers. I'm thinking about building a second barracks (if that is possible), as they give me whole troops of guards instead of lone ones.
I did change the settings after the raid.. but the problem is when you get Pirate Ship + Barbarian Raid + Illager raid all on the same night on you've only got 3 basic guard towers with a total colony population of 12 and the guards insist of standing on the ground rather shooting from the upper storey then you're just stuffed..
In one of the discussion posts it's suggested to leave "mobs attack colonists as true". So I tried that last night and lost 2 rangers and 1 other colonist to skeletons in one night, so even doing this on 1.15 is pointless.
The changes in the basic combat for mobs in 1.15 just make it impossible for Ranger to survive or do have any effect with a bow. They need to be able to use iron armour, enchanted armour, and enchanted weapons.

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