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0.11.945 Alpha, Supply Camp placed but did not appear
I placed a Supply Camp. Immediately after doing so I received the appropriate advancement and a message indicating success appeared in chat. But the Supply Camp did not appear. If I attempt to place a new Supply Camp I receive an error that I have already placed a Supply Camp and cannot place another.

Steps taken to try and work around the issue:
  • Relogged my character
  • Rebooted the server
  • Removed my character as an officer in another existing settlement.
Other information:
  • Another player on the server has a large settlement already. He made me an officer a while back so that I could open doors/break blocks in the area and come help with raids, et cetera.
  • The supplies I found to create the camp were found in a sunken ship or other worldgen chest of some sort.
  • The replacement supplies I used to try and make another camp were crafted via the 5-chest recipe.
  • Modpack we're playing is Valhelsia 2, version 2.2.0a
  • The Supply Camp was placed in a large flat area created via a Rod of Terra Firma (Botania)
Note: I do not currently have reproduction steps as I've only encountered the bug once and the other player has not run into this issue with their colony.

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