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Help with starting over
Hello all.

I am running a Valhelsia 2 server on my local network. Both myself and my son recently started our own minecolonies. The other day the colonists all vanished and we could not interact with either townhall. I have no backups to restore from.
I am trying to get it so we can restart the colonies in our respective areas. Mincolonies seems to remember that there was a colony there no matter what I do, my townhall block says "Colony 2 is nearby", "You do not own a colony" and "There is an existing colony too close".
I've tried the /mc colony delete and list commands, both show that no colonies exist. 
I have re-installed the modpack and re-used the world.
I've deleted the player info files.

Is there any other way I can do this, we really liked the areas we picked and don't want to have to re-start the world or relocate.

Thanks for any help.
The only way to restart the colonies is to physically give both players a new "Town Hall" block. You can't deply either of the camps because Minecolonies remembers that you've previously had a clony there. You'll need to rebuild all buildings, but as you've done a delete you're in this boat anyway.

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