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Baker not baking (1.16.3)
I was tired of running around to each of my colonists to make sure they aren't starving, so I made a baker.

I have both a farmer (who farms wheat) and a courier.

In "List of Recipes" there are the wheat -> bread dough and the bread dough -> bread

There is no place to turn on bread baking, as the second page of the gui is for fuel.

I have coal and oak planks selected for the fuel (i have an abundance of oak planks [thanks lumberjack!])

I have put coal and wheat in the bakery inventory AND in the bakers inventory, but she just sits at home all day and doesn't even go to her hut.

I am very much enjoying this mod, but some help here would really be appreciated! Maybe I'm missing something? Thanks!!
Same problem. Baker GUI for choosing what they make is missing. Not sure how minimum stock helps the baker.

And btw, you need a restaurant to feed your people.
Well ye lil tooter, ley me tell ye! we ain't really paying them either.. so, no bread no pay! õwõ though in all honesty, I'm havin' quite the problem with the baker too, thus the reason I's here even. u~u though we don't really need it as there might be other work'round this little ordeal~(restaurant)
Same issue here. Baker GUI to choose what they make is missing.
geometry dash

Did you guys find a fix for this? I'm having the same problem no second page for the baker :C
Has this problem been solved? I've been having this problem too, i can't get the baker to do anything even with requests. The wiki said i can use the second page to get it to make things but there is no second page in the GUI, maybe change it to a tab like you did for the university?

I'm playing on All the mods 6 latest version 6-1.7.5 and the mincolonies version they using atm is 0.14.310-ALPHA-universal
I think I've figured it out;
The baker will only begin baking if they have a specific request for bread, the best way to do it is to set their minimum stock of bread to 1 stack and that should get them working.

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