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Cook doesnt work ?
Hello, we have two colonies on a server, gportal.
Our citizen are hungry, 49 Citizen , 1 Cook level 4 , Farms and Bakery.
But the Cook doesnt do his job?
I'm assuming you have set what kind of fuel the cook can use. Does the cook / assistant have any requests or are they sick? Is food getting to the restaurant? (Something stopping the cook from requesting food items for the restaurant?) What happens if you manually put food into the restaurant? You can also try to "manage" the workers of the restaurant, pause and "restart" them. See if that might fix their issue.

Also, does the Bakery have their fuel source set as well. As it looks like the bakery cooks the bread, then it would be transported to the restaurant to be eaten. (If I'm seeing it correctly. Right now I have an over abundance of cooked potatoes filling my restaurant.)

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