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Adjusting my colony?
I'm playing MineColonies in the MC Eternal mod pack for Curse Forge. I've never played it before, and I'm having a blast, but because it is my first time playing it, there's a lot of things I wasn't aware of...Namely, that once you place your Town Hall the first time, your borders are pretty much set for life and the only way to move them is to build Barracks/Guard Towers to extend the borders. Now, I'm a perfectionist, and I I'm trying to build a perimeter wall exactly on the borders of my colony, and my borders run through this area where I would have to break up my big, beautiful, perfectly straight perimeter wall to go around a river. A little adjustment is all I need, but alas, this is not possible...I am playing it alone with my husband, and we are not on a multiplayer server. He runs it off his PC for the both of us. I found a command online to delete your colony (with the option of destroying all the buildings), and I've pondered just starting over, but he uses the colony for a lot of things, and he does not want me to delete it all and start over. So my question is this...

If I use the command the "soft-delete" my colony, but leave all the buildings intact...what does that do exactly? Do your people stay? If I do that, destroy Town Hall and move it, will the buildings I left behind still be totally in working order so long as they're within the borders of the new location?

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