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Minecolony ideas
I have a few thoughts on buildings, units, and items that can be included in the minecolonies mod:
1. A portal room:
 This building would allow the colony to spread to multiple dimensions.  For now, it can probably only be used between the nether and the overworld.  An idea how it can be multi tiered is to have it act as a transfer station, where resources are transferred between the dimensions, and increase speed/amount of items the higher the tier goes
2. Scouts
 This idea is slightly different to the previous scout idea.  This unit will locate other colonies/barbarian camps, and give a warning to the colony.  It could potentially replace the ancient tomb use, or it could be used to know the raids further in advance
3. Clocks
 This would go more to the structurize part, but the ability to have a clocktower would work well with some of the buildings, like the town hall, or the mystical site.
4. Hunters
 This unit would go out and hunt for wild game and crops.  It would be very useful for early game.  This unit would also include its own building.  Another idea on it is that they can act as defense like the archer.  If it conflicts with the archers too much, they can be given the crossbow instead.
5. Summoner
 This unit would summon mobs to fight for the colony.  Each tier could increase the amount of mobs it could summon.

This list is a WIP, and I might be adding/removing items in the future
It's a great idea!  happy wheels unblocked
Games are also a good idea for everyone

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