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Builder's Hut design
Am I the only one who hates all the big bliocks all over the builders hut? It just looks tacky and serves no purpose.  I would like to see lots of chests all over his hut that he will use to store various materials in.  And maybe give him the ability to loot other chests for supplies like he could in earlier builds
The way huts are designed are all down to how the creators would like them to look, most of our stylepacks are created by the community.

I would imagine the many blocks are to signify all the different materials they use through their levels, maybe signifying storage too (Similar to, for example, a lumber yard having all their supply outside)
I like the Builder's Hut design. It looks logical and completely appropriate. And I like the way it's organized with “Build” assignment, when specific materials are requested for the upgrade.

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