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AetherColonies Server 1.16.5
A new 1.16.5modpack based around MineColonies!

Build a fully functional colony with NPCs who actually perform useful tasks, and get better at their jobs over time.

Includes a bunch of tech mods, and several structure generating mods for those who like to make factories, loot, and adventure into scary places.

No PvP, griefing, or stealing. Land claim is via FTB Utilities. 

Please keep chat PG.

Server address is:


You will need the Technic Launcher (\download)

Modpack link:

Or just search “AetherColonies3” on the Technic Launcher
Always good to see some new servers popping up Big Grin

Just a little thing to note, using FTB Utils along with our protection system can cause problems, so having both isn't entirely recommended.
Thanks for the heads-up about that. I'll let my users know to not claim Minecolony Town chunks.
Updated to latest Stable Release.

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