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Desert Library
Since we have a desert colony and a bunch of very low stats citizens, we ask the builder to start a Library project. He didnt have Library planes so start working in a design in his house. No one saw him for 4 days, but finally he meet the major, review the design and the construction was aproved.

the library:

[Image: HUGckk3.gif]


Tried to keep the style used in the Sandstone townhall. If you find the design a bit extrange for a library maybe is because i take inspiration from a building that was intended to be an Inn, so credits for the creator:

Desert Inn

As now, the library is upgrading from lvl 2 to 3, no problems so far. When is finished i will upload some screenshots
Looks awesome =) Will add it to the pack
Noticed the builder is requesting sunflowers for every double fern the scan has, and finally the buid ends with either.  Since a paste in creative works good, i asume is a bug with the builder, maybe need to report that.

[Image: 7muNH4p.jpg]

I upload some shots of the colony

Sandstone Colony Shots

[Image: artAWjc.jpg]

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