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3 ideas
Good evening! Here are some ideas I think could be great to make :

I) Territory maps

It could be nice to make a map of your territory. For example, if your colony's colour is red, your territory on the map would be highlighted in red. If you chose blue, then your territory would be blue, etc. It could show a big map of every kingdoms in your area. It wouldn't really be useful like this, but if you combine this with some kind of war system/economy system, it could make a great asset.

II) A diplomatics system

I understand how hard it would be, since I am a student in computer science. But if you pull it off, it could be really awesome.
Also, I know people already asked for this, but I will do it anyways.
To wage war on your opponents, you could create a war camp close to the ennemy's colony, and your troops would stay there. You could bring some resources to create siege weapons (it would become another addon, like MineColonies - war addon), or walls, or other things.

And if you don't want to wage war, you could trade resources with other powers. It could be great if you could create some kind of money. It could have the same skin for every player, but a player could choose his money's name. With this, you could trade for wood with other colonies if you don't have trees to cut, or sell iron, and etc.

III) A new guard type

Riders. It would require another building, the Stable, which would feed and train horses. When your stable would be lv 2 or 3, you could create another building, the War Stable, which would train mounted warriors.
I understand how hard it would be.
happy wheels

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