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Website Wiki
Firstly, congrats on organizing the current wiki: it is enormously better than before. Following are few thoughts I had.

  • Server
    - info specific to a server install
  • Configuration
    - Detailed info about minecolonies.cfg settings
  • Multiple Colonies
    - Directions about how to create a new colony while keeping permissions to existing colony
  • Schematics
    - Detailed screenshots/videos on the process in-game and info for normal users for decor or city planning (namely for clients connecting to remote mc servers)
    - Info about the replacement blocks
  • Roads and Pathing
    - How to optimize your waypoints on roads for NPC traversal
  • Delivery Priority
    - Detailed info about how to setup deliveryman priorities to keep the supply/demand running well
  • Colony Management
    - Direct link to 'Buildings->Townhall'
  • Behavior
    - Productivity: What will make them stop working (happiness, hunger, nearby mobs, requests, weather, etc)
    - Pathing: Describe how their waypoint pathing works, link to Pathing tutorial, and info about problematic blocks like half-slab; make note about not traversing through portals and other caveats
    - Fear: What will make them run away; note the archer and swordsman as exceptions
    - Specialized: Refer to 'Workers' page for role-specific behaviors (also add behavior section to these pages as needed)
  • Hunger
    - Separate this section from the current 'Happiness System' page
    - Expand contents to include what they will eat and link to 'Buildings->Bakery', 'Buildings->Restaurant', and applicable 'Mod Support' page
  • Happiness
    - Current section only tells how it is calculated, not the affects
    - Describe how colony happiness determines the stats of new citizens
  • Skills
    - Separate this section from the current 'Worker System' page
    - Note how primary and secondary traits affect skill level rate
  • Traits
    - Separate this section from the current 'Worker System' page
    - Make note that colony happiness at time of spawn determines how high stats are
    - Make note that default colony behavior is automatic random assignment and will not re-arrange NPCs according to their most suited positions
  • Items
    - Separate this section from the current 'Worker System' page
    - Include link to the applicable 'Mod Support' page
  • Requests
    - Describe how requests work and detail the order that things are requested from, including how crafters/suppliers, warehouse, and delivery are connected
  • Raiding
    - Describe how barbarian raids work
  • Tooltip mouse-over for names of items
  • *should probably make this page be auto generated from actual game files so future updates happen magically
  • Special Blocks
    - What blocks act as roadway for faster NPC movement and to what degree
    - What block to look at to know about incoming raid
    - etc
  • Tips and Tricks
    - Make note how manually assigning a worker to a house next to their work building will dramatically increase efficiency
    - What is a good ratio of guards vs workers, deliverymen vs building count, etc
    - Other such various things that will improve colony progression
  • Resource Packs
    - List of known resource packs that support minecolonies blocks/items
  • Known Bugs
    - List of currently known and heavily visible (asked about) bugs along with github issue link
Mod Support
  • Which mod tools and enchants are supported
  • Which mod trees are supported
  • Which mod food/crops/fruit are supported
Official Server
  • Links to tutorials and manuals for included mods
  • Link to world map if still being used

I've probably missed some, but that's off the top of my head for now.

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