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Deliveryman stops working/parent cancellation failed
Hey guys, I've been playing the minecolonies-1.12.2-0.10.202 version for a while (on my private server) and I've noticed that whenever the builder requests something, it takes a few minutes and the deliveryman stops working entirely.
I get the same error message as for this post:

Once this error message shows up the deliveryman will still walk around and goes to building inventories but won't carry anything with him from this point forward.
Resetting all requests by command sometimes works for a few minutes, but the error will sooner or later pop up as long as the Builder requests something.
If I can provide any files, please let me know.

Thanks  Shy
similar problem.  this issue is also in revision here:

minecolonies github

the team reply posting a specific build to check if that solves the problem, maybe you can test that build (remember to back up your world)


good luck!

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