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[UPDATED] Thunder Network - Medieval Times Based
Enjoy medieval servers? Enjoy adventurous worlds with mystical dungeons and bewildering landscapes? Thunder Network is just for you then. Enjoy the fine details of Medieval times with the amazing modpack supported with our very own server, including the most important of them all, Minecolonies.

  • Over 50+ mods focusing on QoL and Medieval styles
  • Dedicated hosting with staff support 24/7
  • Modpack personalized just for this server, meaning updates regularly with new features and content
  • Latest version of Minecolonies always available
  • World backups meaning your colonies will be saved and progress won't be lost
  • (Soon™) Unique and mod friendly Kingdoms with custom NPCs focused around Minecolonies styled NPCs

To join, simply copy and paste our IP address provided below and make sure you have our most up-to-date modpack installed. To install our modpack, visit the page where it is located and download manually or within the Twitch App, type Life of a King or Rage_TwitchTV if you are having trouble finding it.

IP Address:


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