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Guard Tower - add "Lookout" or "Watch" Function
Short and sweet - there is some overlapping redundant function of the Guard Tower. How about adding a new button/function called "Lookout" or "Watch Duty"?

Works very simple 

- A guard on "Lookout" duty will stand at the top of the tower and look for hostile mobs in X radius
- Will ping or beacon hostile mobs which triggers guards to converge and attack
- The "Lookout" guard needs a bow and will fire at mobs in range but otherwise will not move
- Levels up by spotting mobs
- Only works at the Y (+ or - a certain amount) of the Guard Tower base item to prevent underground mobs from being detected
- Players can look at the "Lookout" range with a wand or button toggle on the tower
- Guard Tower levels increase the "Lookout" range

This could give the guard tower its own unique functionality and very much help players who are looking for barbarians. It will also help players where barbarians are getting stuck in the scenery so they can fix the issue.

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